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The Beast of 2010

Welcome to Lava magazine’s The Beast of 2010. Why The Beast? Well, frankly, with all the worthy music released this year, it’s a beast to try to at least spotlight as much as possible that could be considered The Best. And as well, hey, why not The Beast? We here at Lava are about many things, and a bit of fun and cheekiness are part of the mix, along with a love and reverence for the music, of course. And the same love and reverence for smart, creative, entertaining, informed and authoritative writing about music, which is at the molten core of Lava’s mission and what we will offer readers.

The Beast lumbers out onto the site here in three parts: First, Senior Editor/Americana Richard Skanse looks at 31 notable albums that fall under that wide rubric. Then next comes Executive Editor Rob Patterson, who oversees our reviews, with the albums that caught his ears in 2010. Finally, Editor and Publisher Vic Garbarini weighs in with his Beasts. (And don’t be surprised if The Beast reemerges with more of 2010’s best in the New Year.)

We’re the music magazine of The Mauli Ola Foundation, whose mission is to introduce surfing as a natural treatment to people with genetic disorders. Please pop over to their site and check out the wonderful work they’ve been doing for sufferers from Cystic Fibrosis, and witness the amazingly beneficial effects that surfing has in alleviating its symptoms. The Foundation just won the Surfer Poll 2010 Agent of Change Award, and they, like Lava, have more wonderful things to come. We’re all just getting started here and ready to rock.

We’ve scaled the mountain of getting this magazine rumbling and rocking, and now the peak has burst open and Lava is flowing. Read and enjoy, and y’all come back now, and do so soon and often, okay? Red-hot music writing that sizzles, crackles and glows has a new home here at Lava.